Call for Moderators

NESCSO, MESC 2015 and the State of Iowa invite you to participate in the conference as general session Moderator.

The time commitment involved is minimal but does take some coordination with multiple speakers and time to consolidate a couple of abstracts into the session description for the conference agenda. The majority of the work for Moderators will occur during the month of May 2015.

In brief, the role of the Moderator is to coordinate the speakers and presentations for one or more sessions during the conference. Usually, moderators introduce speakers at sessions and provide a brief overview of the session topic, as well as facilitate the questions and answer period. The conference sessions are the result of our targeted call for papers. All of the abstracts that are submitted to the conference are reviewed by the planning committee and subject matter experts representing the host state, CMS, the S-TAG, PSTG and the NMEH. In many cases, a couple of abstracts have been combined to create one session on a topic. For this type of session, the moderator works with the speakers to ensure that different aspects or viewpoints are presented in the session in a congruent manner.

Please consider joining our team by completing the brief questionnaire: