MESC 2019 Session Themes

The themes provided below are intended to identify the type of information the MESC Planning Committee believed would be of interest to Conference attendees. The themes apply to both the workshops (2.5 hours) and the general educational sessions (1 hour).  Our objective is to provide compelling and useful information to conference attendees.

Note, the acronym MES refers broadly to Medicaid Enterprise Systems, and includes systems that support the fiscal and other operations of a Medicaid program, including Eligibility and Enrollment and Health Information Technology.

The Themes for MESC 2019 are:

Theme 1: Health Care Innovations

This theme highlights innovations in the overall health care environment.  Sessions under this theme describe and inform participants about these new efforts and what connection they might have to MES.

Theme 2: Medicaid Innovations

This theme reflects how new Medicaid policies or program initiatives affect the MES or conversely, how the MES can enhance those initiatives.

Theme 3: Operations and Compliance

This theme seeks to provide participants with information on how to meet existing program requirements. It encompasses sessions that highlight modules offered to meet current State Medicaid business needs.

Theme 4: Procurement and Contracting

This theme reflects the need for participants to understand options for purchasing needed services or technology. It also includes related contractual issues that are sometimes exposed through the procurement process or arise after the procurement is completed.

Theme 5: Interoperability

This theme reflects the advances in data exchange and their potential impact on MES.  Abstracts could discuss the connection of Social Determinants of Health to Medicaid as well as coordination between Medicaid and other Programs.

Theme 6: Data and Analytics

This theme encompasses how to access data, the kind of data that is useful, and how to use the data to promote effective Medicaid operations.

Theme 7: Third Party Liability

The State representatives of the Third Party Liability Technical Assistance Group use the MESC as a forum to meet and learn about developments in this area, therefore, we have sessions devoted to Third-Party Liability.