MESC 2016 Call for Abstracts 

Thank you for your interest in the 2016 Medicaid Enterprise Systems Conference.  The theme of this year’s conference is Show Me…The Gateway to Integration.

The five main subject tracks and priority themes for the agenda will cover a wide range of topics critically important to Medicaid Technology, and have been identified as follows: 

  1. Developing the Enterprise
    1. Procurement Strategies
    2. RFP Development
    3. Strategic Planning
    4. Use of COTS Products and/or Open Source Software
    5. Seven Standards and Conditions
      1. Modularity
      2. MITA Condition
      3. Industry Standards
    6. MITA 3.0
    7. Testing
    8. Cloud Based Systems
    9. CMS Demonstration and Grant Programs
    10. Independent Verification and Validation
    11. Organizational Readiness
    12. Security (and Privacy)
  2. Strategies for Effectively Governing and Managing the Enterprise
    1. Knowledge Transfer / Training
    2. Risk Management and Legal Accountability
    3. Funding Options and Fiscal Management
    4. Innovative Approaches to Governance
    5. Data Governance
    6. Contract Management
    7. Project Management Office
  3. Achieving Compliance
    1. Compliance with the Affordable Care Act
    2. CAQH CORE Operating Rules
    3. ICD-10
    4. MITA Self Assessments
    5. MMIS Certification Process: State Perspectives
    6. Privacy and Security
    7. T-MSIS
    8. MACPro
    9. MARS-E
  4. Driving Improvements Using Data & Analytics
    1. Seven Standards and Conditions
      1. Business Results
      2. Reporting
    2. Advanced Data ETL and Mining
    3. Data Warehouses / Information Exchanges vs. APCD
    4. EHR Incentive Programs /Meaningful Use: Stage 2/3: Reports, Analysis, and Development
    5. Health Information Technology/Health Information Exchanges
    6. All Payer Claims Databases – Implementing Meaningful and Actionable Information
    7. Performance Indicator Projects/Program Evaluation
    8. Innovative Accelerator Program
  5. Building Interoperability Across Health Systems and Human Service Programs
    1. Collaboration Between Human Service Agencies
    2. Seven Standards and Conditions
      1. Integrating with HIE and HIX
      2. Reusability
    3. HIE and HIX Funding and Sustainability
    4. ACOs, Accountable Care Communities, and Health Homes
    5. Provider Directories / eMPI
    6. Eligibility and Enrollment Systems
    7. System interfaces with State and Federal agencies
    8. Integrating with other Benefit Programs
    9. Integration with the Federally Facilitated Marketplace
    10. Shifting from the Federal Marketplace to a State-based Marketplace or Vice-Versa

The submittal deadline for abstracts was April 1, 2016.

Notification of the acceptance of your abstract will be sent by email in late-April.
If you have any questions regarding your submission or the abstract submission process, please contact