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Call For Abstracts is Now Open!

February 12, 2018 in Current Update

The call for session abstracts for MESC 2018 is now open! The six tracks for this year are as follows.

Track 1: Strategic Planning and Preparation
Abstracts in this category should address how States prepare and plan for new implementations or initiatives. 

Track 2: Meeting the Business Need
Abstracts in this category should address how technology supports and enhances a State’s ability to meet new or current program requirements. 

Track 3: Orchestrating Resources for Maximum Effect, Sharing, and Interoperability
Abstracts in this category highlight how States can leverage resources and technology across multiple programs within a State or across States. 

Track 4: Analytics to Drive Improvement
Abstracts in this category focus on how to access and use data in meaningful ways. 

Track 5: Boot Camps
We are seeking a few abstracts for sessions targeting people new to Medicaid or the Medicaid Systems space. These sessions should provide overviews of significant topics. These sessions should be 90 minutes in length and delivered in an interactive, workshop format. If selected, these sessions will be scheduled on Aug. 15, Wednesday in the morning.

Track 6: Cutting Edge
Abstracts in this category should highlight innovations that are not yet prevalent in the Medicaid Systems Enterprise. We are open to pretty much anything in this category – creativity is encouraged!

See the main Call for Abstracts page for additional information, and to submit an abstract.

The submittal deadline for abstracts is March 30, 2018.